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Before seeing Tripta about my skin, it was a constant struggle with my acne. I’d be self conscious whenever i had to leave the house and it knocked my confidence lots. I had tried a lot of different products over a few years to battle with my skin but nothing seemed to help very much in the long run. Even after my initial consultation with Tripta i felt loads better about my skin and it felt like i finally had the help to get over this hurdle i’d been struggling with. Having a simple routine given to me along with countless advice and support really has transformed my skin as well as my confidence so i cannot thank Tripta enough! I hardly even think about my acne any more as it is so much better and have full faith in the Environ products i’ve been given. Couldn’t recommend the advance nutrition program enough and the whole process itself. More than anything, i felt i was supported and it wasn’t a battle i had to face alone. Thank you so much :)

iiaa Therapist of the Year
2023 Finalist


Skincare Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, have a look at what our clients have to say

Teresa J.

Environ products are exceptional which is clear from all the compliments I receive on my skin as well as the genuine look of surprise when I tell people my age (mid 50’s) however it is Tripta’s wealth of knowledge and experience together with her first class customer service and relaxing treatment room which enable me to highly recommend her to family, friends, colleagues and sometime even relative strangers. A big thank you for looking after us so well Tripta! 

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I was so worried about how my back looked and didn't know why I had patchy skin or if anything could be done about it. Tripta advised that I had acne, pigmentation and scaring which initially made me really concerned and I was very self conscious especially on holidays and school PE lessons.

Tripta provided me with re-assurance that this wasn't anything to be concerned about. She gave me guidance and recommended a skincare routine and Environ products that was easy to follow.

The skin on my face has also improved as I had Dry Acne like on my back. I have a lot more confidence and I am so great full for the advice and results.

Amerjit G.

I have known Tripta for the last 10years or so. It all started with a sports massage up until about 3 years ago when she introduced me to Environ products. After my first facial I was so impressed that I now see Tripta once every four to six weeks, and the difference it has made is absolutely amazing.


Tripta is a very professional individual and very passionate about her products. Her knowledge is second to none; every time I see her she always follows it up with a phone call couple of days later to see how I got on. To me this after care means everything.


I have had a few CST treatments with amazing results. Her procedure during this treatment is as good if not better than any medical surgeon. I hope I continue seeing her for many more years to come. I highly recommend her for any recognition for her professional skills.”

Uma K.

Tripta offers a warm and friendly, yet very professional service. Her treatment room has a tranquil atmosphere adding to the treatment bliss. Tripta has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, skincare and a range of treatments and prides herself in providing a tailored service.

Tripta’s passion in helping others has been a gift that I too have reaped benefits of. I suffer from very sensitive skin and T-Zone Rosacea. Tripta introduced Environ to me and has provided support along the journey of truly understanding what my skin needs and has been longing for!! Thanks you Tripta I just wished I met you sooner

Lorna B.

I have been a client of Tripta’s for the last 3 years for facial/skincare - and prior to that have been a client since 1998 for massage. I started on the skincare regime when I moved back to London from the US - I had asked Tripta for skincare advice when I was visiting her for a massage.


I trust her advice - she is knowledgeable and balanced in her recommendations - and I feel she puts me at the centre of her recommendations rather than pushes products or treatments at me. I am fairly sceptical by nature, having tried a lot of skincare regimes in the past (some very expensive!) but Tripta spent time explaining the science to me and we chose a few products that would show the benefits relatively quickly. I’ve been so pleased with the skincare range - over the last 9 months I have seen a significant improvement - and other people have noticed too. As a result I’ve widened my use of the range - including the vitamins - and feel really great.


Tripta has chosen facial treatments every month that have been amazing - my skin is glowing when I leave. And the treatments have been tailored to the stage of my skincare programme so have worked well together. We talk about how my skin has been and options for skincare treatments when we meet - it’s always a joint decision but I trust her recommendations 100%.


She has recommended a number of Jane Iredale make up products that I’ve tried out - my skin can be very sensitive to some make up products so I’m naturally cautious about changing brands. Tripta has made me up after the facials so I can try out a number of different images and feel confident that the products won’t irritate my skin (and they don’t). I’ve started using the lipsticks regularly and will be moving into the foundation shortly.


I’ve known Tripta for a long time, she has taken the time to really understand me - not just my skin but how my work, family life and overall health impact on my wellbeing.  Which is why, after 4 years living in New York,  I made contact with her as soon as I returned to London - she is more than a therapist, no one has even come close to the installing the same degree of confidence and trust!”

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Sharon M.

I have been seeing Tripta for many years and since then my skin seems to be the only thing which hasn’t aged.
Tripta is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about her work so I almost feel as though I’m going to a skin workshop/beautician when I go for my regular Environ facials. I don’t get a lot of spare time so I’m always looking for short cuts however, Tripta has made me slow down and take care of my skin. She understands my needs and keeps me in touch with all the new products available. I’m 46 years old and constantly get positive comments on how young I look, I literally say “thanks Tripta” out-loud.
I would highly recommend her for all beauty treatments and massage, in fact I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have introduced my mum and niece to her who have also now started to look after their skin. Tripta is by far the best Skincare Therapist I have known

Preeti B.

I met Tripta over 15 years ago through close friends and took an instant liking to her warm, kind and easy going nature. I’ve always loved her facials and treatments and continue to use her services because she is extremely knowledgeable and confident. She always makes my skin feel and look great.


Tripta is now a great friend and I definitely recommend her services to any future clients. I worked for Tripta a few years ago and was impressed by the advice, training and support she provided me. She always made me feel fully equipped to do my job, which I highly valued. I trust Tripta completely because she keeps up to date in her profession and as an advocate of the products she uses, always looks vibrant and youthful

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Mea C.

I've been a client of Tripta for many years and find her to be friendly, honest and highly professional. The facilities are very comfortable and relaxing. I would highly recommend both massage and facials 

Mimi M.

I highly recommend Tripta Juj for her excellent home care, her advice in related matters and expert understanding in personal treatments. I have been with Tripta for about 5 years and particularly appreciate the flexibility to introduce different treatments and products, as my conditions and needs change. Above all, it is the comfortable atmosphere she generates that makes each visit something to look forward to

Rupa B.

I have been a client of Tripta’s for coming up to four years now and the level of service and dedication I continue to receive from her is simply second to none! Whether it be when I am having my monthly facial treatment or on a random Wednesday evening when I have a skin related question she will always give me her undivided attention and it is clear she understands the environ range of products inside out. In addition to the above Tripta is very “easy” to do business with in terms of her flexibility in accepting a range of payment methods and also she is always happy to go that extra mile to ensure I receive my products before I run out! Look forward to seeing you in April for my next treatment! All the best Tripta xx

Silva H.

I have suffered from acne for many years, but I felt it was at its worst after stopping breastfeeding with my second child (and being 39). I tried over the counter products and I visited beauticians working with major brands, but I felt I was fighting a losing battle and no one was listening to me.


I approach Tripta Juj and we had a meeting and she informed me about the Environ brand and how it works and how it is customized to each person. I first started with the Environ focus and clarity home care as well as changing my make up brand to Jane Irdale and salon quality biweekly Environ facials. Things started to improve, and Accumax was introduced to accelerate the skin healing process.


I was sceptical at first, but Tripta is convincing and has a rich knowledge of all the products she recommends. I have been using the Environ focus and clarity care for almost six months and the Accumax for three months and I am so pleased with the results. My skin looked dull and unhappy, but now I feel that it looks radiant and healthy. My experience with Tripta is that she listened to me, and worked with me. She is a professional who knows her products and can change the treatment regime along the journey to suit my skin. Thank you

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I have got facials done in the past and having had a bad experience I stopped getting them done. After being recommended by a friend, I decided to go and meet with Tripta. At first I was really nervous as I have always been really paranoid when it comes to my face and after trying many different products throughout the years I never really found much worked. I now get a facial done every month, I really look forward to each visit as they are so relaxing and calming and whenever I leave my skin feels so hydrated and clear. I use the Environ products day and night, they are amazing and definitely feel more confident walking out the house with no make-up.

Alison U.

Tripta has amazing knowledge of skin care treatment. I’ve been visiting her for over 5 years and she’s a trusted expert on how to analyse your needs and put a tailored treatment plan together. Most importantly Tripta always takes time and care to understand your skin type, she listens and advises on the right products and benefits, at the right time

Preeti P. H. Before_After_2.png

Preeti P.

I I have been coming to see Tripta since Feb 2019. When I first came to see Tripta I had many concerns with my skin with the number one problem being acne. I was skeptic so at first as I had tired everything on the market to help my skin but I felt in such great hands after my consultation. Tripta explained to me why my skin was the way it was and how she intended on helping to bring it to a healthy state. She explained which products would help me and introduced me to the Environ range.


These products have done wonders for me. The best part was that it wasn’t a complicated routine of 100s if different products. It was a simple set of products specially picked for my skin. Within the first two weeks I noticed I had less breakouts and my redness had massively reduced.


The facials I regularly have been having along with my products help to maintain my skin to keep it looking fresh and glowing. I can’t praise Tripta’s knowledge and hard work enough, she has given me that confidence to leave home without any make up and at the same time she also gives me other tips just to help my skin go that extra mile. The products are amazing and you definitely are missing out if you don’t give them a try.

Kerry A.

Been seeing Tripta now for the last 2yrs for the most amazing facials & alongside been using the Environ range of face products. The results in my skin have been very impressive to me & the comments from others has really supported this. The skin analysis's I've had shown a large decrease in skin damage & lines are being reduced - which is very pleasing for me. Would highly recommend Tripta, the care & attention to detail she provides.


Tripta has great knowledge and is always sharing her knowledge and experience of skin care and general health and well-being. The treatments I have received since coming to see Tripta have really helped my skin and I thoroughly enjoy my treatment sessions as she goes out of her way to make sure I have a plan with the right products and system at home in place.

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