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Biome Powder is a supplement powder which contains a ratio of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus cultures.


This probiotic powder contains beneficial bacteria to aid digestion and help support the immune function of the digestive system, relieving symptoms of IBS and inflammatory skin conditions such as blemishes and eczema.


The sweet tasting powder can simply be sprinkled on food or added to drinks, making it ideal for children or adults who don’t like swallowing capsules. These supplements are also great for use after antibiotic usage (which deplete the body’s store of probiotic bacteria), or as a daily supplement to support health.



- Aids the digestion process

- Helps support the immune function

- Ideal for children and adults who find it difficult to swallow tablets


This  powder can help support the intestinal environment. Simply sprinkle over food or mix into a drink.

Biome Powder - 75g

SKU: ANP-WelBioPwd-75
  • lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidus infantis, longum and breve 16mg (in the order of 250 millions of viable organisms at the time of manufacture)

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