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Deliver a complete, lightweight and invisible protective shield to your skin with Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz! This lightweight facial spray, with a combination of high potency antioxidant ingredients, can be used throughout the day with or without makeup.


Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Purifying Anti-Pollution Masque is especially needed during our current climate where mask wearing is an everyday essential and blue light is affecting us through our daily electronic consumption. This multi-functional masque is formulated with Japanese charcoal alongside innovative botanicals, which absorb pollutant impurities to refresh skin and purify skin.

Comfort+Purifying Anti-Pollution Masque - 75ml

SKU: Env-FocCaCom+AntiPolMasq-75ml
  • Purifies skin, improves hydration & normalises the appearance of skin

    Protects skin against free radical damage

    Soothing & cooling effect

    Ideal for all skin types, especially stressed & de-hydrated skin

    Formulated with Japanese charcoal, Kaolin & potent plant antioxidant 

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